China Popular Lawn Mower Replacement Parts Gear Box with Great Value gearbox design

Item Description

Merchandise Description

21″ selfp-propelled 3 Pace Transmission Equipment Box

Item Parameters

Dalong lawn mower:  durable, secure operation, beautiful and comfy, environmental protection, with superb competitive price.Low-cost value gasoline lawnmower BS motor for backyard garden grass cutting 

Mower Grass Slicing Equipment Parts List

a.Garden Mower Gear box 

1.Rod material: 40 chromium (Chromium is utilised to make stainless metal, automobile parts, equipment, tapes and movie tapes, and so forth. Chrome plated on metallic can prevent rust, also referred to as can domi, powerful and beautiful . Chromium can be utilized to make stainless metal. The color of crimson and emerald also comes from chromium.)
2.Circumstance: ADC12 aluminum alloy
3.Equipment: steel foundation powder, metallurgical die casting
four.Oil seal gasket rubber
five.3 Velocity Transmission


What substance for CZPT mower deck?

b.:Garden mower chassis

The durable aluminum die-cast chassis Mower with powder coated, aerodynamic design and style offer perfect air- stream for uninterrupted working circumstances, and seamless stream of reducing.


How numerous varieties for CZPT mower blades?

c.Garden mower blades
Mowing peak 480mm.533mm, suitable for different terrains, excellent vortex aluminum alloy cutter head include, the use of aerodynamic principle, so that the capability to improve grass, a lot more appropriate for the needs of customers.

Aerodynamic design and style expert blade,it  is efficient and the blade is strong and durable 


Honda Engine +BS Motor for various consumer choice

d.Lawn mower engine

Honda Lawnmower Motor-GXV160 vertical shaft common purpose gasoline motor
The Honda gasoline motor lends itself to a nice surprise by delivering excellent efficiency, and functions at the exact same time.

Pneumatic cylinder. Air filter.And fuel tank design improvements.Make it light-weight in fat.Beautiful characteristics. Far more handy to carry electrical power products.

Getting electrical power and torque via a fixed OHV valve. Greatly reducing gas consumption.

A decompression device and a transistor body ignition program are used to get a bus.Make startup much more hassle-free and reliable.

The design of a muffler and air filter minimizes noise pollution to the surroundings.

B&S Mower Engine Design :750EX Sequence DOV

B & S E sequence modest vertical shaft engines are trustworthy and easy to use. Tens of millions of wander-behind mowers around the world every year pick E-Sequence engines. E-Collection engines can provide users with outstanding worth.


1.simple to commence

It is hassle-free and avert to misoperation.

two.Cast iron cylinder liner

Anti-put on and prolong motor lifestyle.

three.DOV lever-type overhead valve prepare

Lowered engine vibration and sound for far more comfortable procedure

four.Big capacity air filter

Enhance air filtration functionality and decrease engine use.

5.Just Examine and Incorporate Oil adjust-cost-free technologies

Built-in substantial-sealing air filter, decrease engine functioning temperature and large-precision areas producing, the motor does not want to alter the oil for the duration of its life. This technologies tends to make servicing of Exi sequence engines really simple, topping up the oil – examining regularly – introducing as needed.


Packaging & Shipping

Gasoline lawnmower shipping and delivery and packing 
two.By air cargo
3.By China-Europe freight prepare
4.By sea container cargo
five.Port:FOB ZheJiang or CIF terms.
6.Shipment day within ten-15days for mass creation .


Organization Profile

 ZheJiang CZPT Grandwell Technology Co.,Ltd

Dalong organization was founded in 1996. Professional motivation to R & D, manufacturing, and sales of garden machinery goods. It has a R&D and manufacturing in Jin ma Industrial Zone, Xihu (West Lake) Dis., ZheJiang China, with a powerful creation engineering R&D crew. The lawn mowers and upkeep equipment developed by the organization are nicely received and dependable all over the planet.
In 1996, ZheJiang CZPT business was designated by HONDA as the initial common agent of “HONDA” backyard garden machinery items in China. The products are Lawn vehicle, garden equipment, four-stroke irrigation machine, drinking water pump and so on. It is a ideal-offering solution in domestic yard market.
ZheJiang CZPT labored with a number of global famous backyard equipment company cooperation.

Such as:
French ETESIA  multi-functional substantial effectiveness lawn mower, in ZheJiang   , HangZhouang, ZheJiang , and other areas to use a very good welcome.
France COUP’ECO Substantial hedge trimmer, freeway hedge trimmer, forest fireplace unexpected emergency rescue products, et
Sweden BAHCO (the unique Sandvik) pruning saw, pruning scissors, high saw, high shear, and so forth.
German STIHL slicing irrigation device, chainsaw, hedge trimmer high department chainsaw, hair dryer, etc.
Swedenh (formerly Japan Komatsu) hedge trimmers, mowers, chainsaws, fans, and many others.
VHangZhouELE Branch and tree shredder, Belgium
Italy CO department grinder
Belgium ELIET vehicle leaf suction device, hand thrust leaf suction equipment

The solution traits of substantial efficiency, sturdiness, gasoline conserving, environmental security, protected procedure, and so on. ZheJiang Dalong, constantly adhere to the realistic value product sales, ample provide of spare components, welcome you to check out our company, the quality of the goods sold, price and soon after-income support for a comprehensive comparison, wise obtain. You must not only pay out interest to cost, but also to item good quality and right after-product sales support. ZheJiang CZPT will grow to be your reliable companion.

Our Benefits

 ENTRY Amount Substantial Top quality Backyard garden CUTTER
  1. Far more than 10 yearsexperience of yard machinery 
  2. Factorydirect price 
  3. Have 2or 3new design each and every year 
  4. Wonderful high quality,Fullrefund in case of bad high quality
  5. Smallorders welcome
  6. Quick shipping and delivery within 10days
  7. VIP buyer one-quit services
  8. Engineers provide technical companies


Landscape electric garden mower performance characteristics

one.Aluminum alloy die-casting chassis, sturdy, mild and rust-proof

The chassis is produced of higher-good quality aluminum alloy and massive-tonnage die-casting machine, with substantial density, substantial strength, and anti-corrosion it fully fulfills for the design and style demands for wall thickness and energy, it is conducive to making sure individual safety, and offers a sound basis for the gasoline motor and prolongs the operating  life of the gasoline motor. The front axle is fixed with a force plate composition, which is a lot more reliable.

two.Outstanding performance engine
The first motor, excell t performance with very good beginning , high power, minimal failure fee.solid  chassis configuration, far more prolong the provider life of the engine.

3.Garden mower Grass box
Dalong 196 configuration grass box, lovely look, smooth grass assortment, powerful dust safety, handy use.

4.Xihu (West Lake) Dis.nized style, exceptional variety of components
3-second quit device purpose, safe to use the stop manage is flat, it is cozy when thrust forward. strong high quality for the grass chopping top adjustment . Dependable positioning. The stamping components are all created of substantial-quality chilly-rolled steel plates, with high strength, great high quality .clean and beautiful area.

five.Higher take care of cozy
three-second stop function, handle is flat, relaxed to press and hold, the pull pressure is transferred by the spring,  movement is soft, and the procedure is safe.

six.Impact clamp cap
The compact reed clamp cap is made by 6 sets of mold



Q1: Are you a manufacturing unit or a trading business

A1: We are a manufacturing unit and buying and selling organization. We are 1 of the bigger garden machinery producers in domestic ,We have been in this business for a lot more than fifteen several years.

Q2: How does your manufacturing facility do in terms of good quality management?

A2: Quality handle is carried out at each and every workstation in generation. Our goods are a hundred% internally inspected prior to cargo.

Q3: What is your warranty for the merchandise?

A3: We offer a one particular-calendar year guarantee.

This fall: How can I get samples?

A4: If you are not able to buy our products in your regional region, we will ship you samples. You will be charged the sample value plus all related shipping charges. The price of express shipping and delivery depends on the variety of samples

Q5: How about MOQ?

A5:For sample we can source 1 or 2 pcs for good quality examining at very first .

Q6: Do you settle for OEM/ODM enterprise?

A6: Indeed, we can produce goods in accordance to customer requirements, which includes Brand, color, style, and so on.

Q7:How many days for sample ordering ?

A7:Sampling time about 5-7days,for mass purchase about fifteen-20days for cargo ready.

Type: Rotary Mowers
Moving Way: Rear Push
Cutter Type: Rotary Lawn Mower
Applicable Area: 1000-5000m²
Feature: 4-Stroke, Height Adjustable Handles, Single Cylinder, Cordless, Grass Box, Aluminum Chassis, Folding Handle, Anti-Slip
Certification: CE


US$ 90/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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21" selfp-propelled 3 Speed Transmission Gear Box
Type: Rotary Mowers
Moving Way: Rear Push
Cutter Type: Rotary Lawn Mower
Applicable Area: 1000-5000m²
Feature: 4-Stroke, Height Adjustable Handles, Single Cylinder, Cordless, Grass Box, Aluminum Chassis, Folding Handle, Anti-Slip
Certification: CE


US$ 90/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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21" selfp-propelled 3 Speed Transmission Gear Box

Types of Vehicle Gearboxes

In a vehicle, there are many types of gearboxes available. There are planetary gearboxes, Coaxial helical gearboxes, and skew bevel helical gearboxes, among others. In this article, we’ll cover all of them and help you determine which type of gearbox would be right for your vehicle. Also, we’ll discuss how each differs from the others.

planetary gearbox

A planetary gearbox is composed of three main components: a sun gear, an input bevel gear, and an output shaft. A planetary gearbox can have different output torques and ratios. The basic model of a planetary gearbox is highly efficient and transmits 97% of the power input. There are several kinds of planetary gearboxes, depending on the type of operation. In general, there are three types: the simple, the intermediate, and the complex.
The price of a planetary gearbox can vary a lot, and it’s important to know what you’ll need. Different manufacturers produce different planetary gearboxes, so check with a manufacturer to see what they have available. Make sure to check the quality of the planetary gearbox before making a final purchase. In addition, be sure to compare the prices and the availability of a particular product. A quality planetary gearbox will provide years of trouble-free operation and will not break your bank.
Planetary gears feature an integer number of teeth. Each planet has teeth that must mesh with its ring or sun. The number of planets, ring, and tooth count of each gear determine whether the teeth mesh. Some planets have fewer teeth than others, so they mesh better than others. However, compound planets can be more flexible and achieve higher reduction ratios. If you’re looking for a planetary gearbox for your next project, consider getting in touch with a manufacturer who specializes in this technology.
When it comes to construction, a planetary gearbox is no exception. It’s extremely important to choose the right planetary gear for your application, because an imbalance in the planet gear can cause increased wear and failure. Moreover, the compact size of a planetary gear ensures maximum heat dissipation. However, a planetary gear box may require cooling in some applications. A planetary gearbox will make your life easier, and it will give you years of trouble-free operation.

Straight bevel helical gearbox

The Straight bevel helical gearbox has a number of advantages, but it has a relatively short manufacturing process. Its most popular application is in the automotive industry, where it is used in many types of vehicles. Other applications include heavy and light equipment and the aviation and marine industries. Below is a brief introduction to this gearbox type. Read on to learn about its benefits. This type of gearbox is one of the easiest to manufacture.
The spiral bevel gear has larger teeth than straight bevel gears, resulting in a smoother, quieter rotation. It can handle high-speed heavy loads with less vibration. Spiral bevel gears are classified by their tooth form and cutting method. Straight bevel gears are easier to design and manufacture, but spiral bevel gears are more expensive. Both designs are suitable for high-speed, heavy-load operations, and general manufacturing applications.
In addition to being easy to install, the modular bevel gears have many advantages. They have an exceptionally high degree of interchangeability and feature the highest standards of component integrity. They can also be tailored to meet your specific requirements. The advantages of this gearbox type include high precision, optimum performance, and low noise. And because they are modular, they can be produced in a variety of finishes. These include stainless steel, titanium, and bronze.
Straight bevel helical gearbox manufacturers are committed to a high degree of precision in their designs. The radii, torques, and tooth profiles of straight bevel gears are more precisely measured than those of cylindrical bevel gears. The same calculations are used for all traditional bevel gear generators. This ensures that your 5-axis milled bevel gear sets have the same calculations and layout.

Coaxial helical gearbox

The Coaxial helical gearbox is a highly efficient transmission system that is well suited for light-duty applications. Compared to spur-type gearboxes, the real pitch of a Coaxial helical gearbox is low at all helix angles. This is because the coaxial type has the same number of teeth and center gap as the spur gearbox. Coaxial helical gearboxes also have a smaller footprint and are compact.
Several nations have implemented lockdown regulations for Industrial Gearbox trade, threatening the global economy. Several factors have been implicated in COVID-19, including supply chain, market, and financial markets. Experts are monitoring the situation globally and project remunerative prospects for gearbox manufacturers after the crisis. This report depicts the latest scenario and offers a comprehensive analysis of COVID-19’s impact on the entire industry.
This Coaxial helical gearbox features a compact structure and high precision gear. Its three-stage design combines two-stage gears with a single-stage gear, forging high-quality alloy steel for high precision and durability. The gears are serially-designed for easy interchangeability. They are also available in high-frequency heat-treated steel. A Coaxial helical gearbox is the perfect solution for many applications.
Coaxial helical gearboxes have the added benefit of using cylindrical gears instead of shafts. They operate quietly, and have more surface area to interact with. Their fixed angles make them suitable for heavy-duty applications, like in conveyors, coolers, and grinders. Compared to other gearbox types, Helical gearboxes have higher power-carrying capacity. Listed below are the benefits of a Coaxial Helical Gearbox

Skew bevel helical gearbox

A Skew bevel helical gear box is a common type of industrial gearbox. These gearboxes are rigid and compact and can be used in a variety of applications. They are commonly used in heavy-duty applications such as grinding mills, conveyors, and coolers. They are used in many applications to provide rotary motions between non-parallel shafts. They also have the added benefit of high-efficiency in a variety of industries.
Skew bevel helical gear boxes are suitable for heavy loads and are monolithic in construction. This type of gearbox combines the benefits of bevel and helical gears for right-angle torque, which makes it a popular choice for heavy-duty applications. In addition to being a robust and reliable gearbox, these gearboxes are highly customizable and can meet almost any industrial need.
To maximize the efficiency of bevel gears, FE-based tooth contact analysis is used to develop a sophisticated geometry optimization algorithm. The software also allows users to define optimal flank topography by introducing application-specific weightings for specific load levels. With this data, a manufacturing simulation is conducted to determine the best variant. A robust variant combines the benefits of efficiency, load-carrying capacity, and low excitation behavior.
The helical gear can be angled at 90 degrees. This is similar to a spur gear but produces less noise. It can achieve a nine-to-one speed reduction with one stage. However, a helical gear requires a larger driver gear for higher reductions. This gearbox is suitable for speeds from 1:1 to three times. They are often used in the manufacture of motors and generators.

Extruder helical gearbox

An extruder helical gearbox is one of the most common industrial gears. It is compact in size and low-power consuming, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications. Extruder helical gearboxes are suitable for a variety of industrial applications, including cement, plastics, rubber, conveyors, and coolers. In addition to its use in plastics and rubber manufacturing, this gearbox is also useful in other low-power applications such as crushers, coolers, and conveyors.
CZPT SG series Extruder Helical Gearboxes are available in Single Screw and Twin Screw Variations. These gears feature a compact design, high power density, and long service life. Axial bearing housing and thrust bearings are mounted on the input shafts. Extruder helical gearboxes can be installed in various positions, including horizontal, vertical, and inclined.
Helicoidal gears are often produced in a modular manner. This design provides multiple benefits, including engineering and performance advantages, modular production, and the highest level of component integrity. A single helical gearbox can be assembled into a larger gearbox if needed, but modular production ensures consistent performance and economy. This modular design is also cost-effective. It is a versatile and reliable solution for a wide range of applications.
In addition to its efficiencies, Extruder helical gearboxes also have a low noise profile. They have no squeal sounds, and they are silent when running. They can transfer more power than conventional gearboxes. This type of gear has been used in the manufacturing of high-quality plastic products for years. They are often used for applications in automotive transmissions. Aside from being quiet, helical gears have higher contact levels and lower vibration.

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